About us

What is TaskHer?

Our groundbreaking booking platform has been developed with your convenience in mind. You can simply select the job, see an immediate quote, and then book a date and time that suits you. 

We’re also the only purpose-driven online booking platform dedicated to giving tradeswomen equal opportunities and rates of pay.

Our Story

Meet the founders

TaskHer was founded by Anna and Paul Moynihan.

When trying to book trades through online directories, Anna encountered significant frustrations. Why was it so hard to pin tradespeople down to quotes and times –  and why was she having to do all the chasing?

And despite Anna being the main point of contact, bathroom fitters, plumbers, and electricians would enter their home and automatically look to Paul for guidance.

This first-hand experience with gender bias made them curious about the prevalence of women in trades. They found that women are routinely under-represented, underpaid and face unfair barriers to careers in the trades.

Anna and Paul decided to look for a way to make things better: an approach that would fix the problems for homeowners and for tradeswomen at the same time. Better technology could make booking jobs quicker, simpler and more transparent for busy modern homeowners, while a new way of working would ensure that tradeswomen got a fair deal on conditions and pay.

And so TaskHer was born.

"I just had the best experience with one of your electricians."


Clerkenwell, London