TaskHer FAQs: Trades, Safety, Booking, & More

About TaskHer

What trades does TaskHer offer?

We currently offer electricians, plumbers and heating & gas engineers.

Do you offer emergency call outs?

No, we can’t offer emergency call outs.

Who are your tradeswomen?

The tradeswomen who work with TaskHer are all independent qualified tradeswomen - some work on a self employed basis, some work in full time trades jobs and use TaskHer to supplement their income.

TaskHer is an inclusive platform that welcomes women from all backgrounds as professional tradespeople. We are proud to be inclusive of all women, including (but not limited to) women of diverse cultural backgrounds, women of colour, LGBTQIA+ women, women of different religions and more.

Where do you cover?

At the moment we cover Greater London, with availability in most areas within the M25. We plan to expand outside of London in the near future. Want to find out when we will be in your area? Leave your details here and you’ll be the first to know!

Can anyone use TaskHer?

Yes of course - if you’re looking for a skilled tradeswoman to help you with domestic repair or maintenance work then you can use TaskHer.

How do you ensure the safety of the tradeswomen?

Ensuring the safety of our tradeswomen is paramount. TaskHer is inherently safer for them to use than other platforms as we take customer information and credit/debit card details when making a booking, which helps to prevent bad actors. We also allow tradeswomen to report untoward behaviour by customers which blocks them making further bookings (thankfully this hasn’t happened yet). 

Booking with TaskHer

How do you vet the tradeswomen working for TaskHer? 

When we onboard any tradeswoman onto the TaskHer platform we fully verify them. This includes;
Getting proof of ID
Requesting their original training certificates to prove they have the qualifications to carry out their trade 
Confirming their membership to professional bodies such as Gas Safe or the NICEIC
Checking their public liability insurance policy 
A video call interview with them 

How long will it take for a tradeswoman to accept my booking?

Bookings are usually accepted within 1-2 hours. Outside of business hours and at the weekend this may take a little longer. Our customer service team monitors all bookings to ensure they are picked up by tradeswomen and will intervene if needed to make sure this happens.

What if I can’t find the job I’m looking for?

We’re continually adding more jobs to TaskHer, however if you can’t find what you need please email support@taskher.co.uk and one of our customer service team will be able to help.

Why can’t I pick the tradeswoman I want?

Our aim is to make booking a tradeswoman a smooth and simple process. Instead of having to search and choose a tradesperson from an extensive directory, often based on flawed review systems, and wait for them to respond, TaskHer customers contract with us directly and we appoint one of our approved and vetted tradeswomen to your booking.

Is work carried out by TaskHer guaranteed?

By booking with TaskHer you have the legal right to ask us to repeat or fix a service if it's not carried out with reasonable care and skill or get some money back if we can't fix it. More information can be found in our terms & conditions under clause 11.

Your TaskHer Booking

Can I speak to my tradeswoman before the job?

Yes, you can start a conversation with your tradeswoman using the messaging feature in your account.

What if my job requires parts?

Parts can either be provided by you or the tradeswoman. If you know parts are required then you can message your tradeswoman from the dashboard and discuss who is best placed to source them. If the tradeswoman purchases them then she’ll add the cost to the final total, which’ll be taken from your credit/debit card after the work is completed. 

For repair jobs the nature of the parts needed might not become clear until the tradeswoman is at your property. Depending on factors such as time it might be that they can source them from a local supplier and install them during the same visit. If not it might be necessary to order them and then return later to make the repairs.

How do I pay the tradeswoman?

When making a booking we take your credit/debit card details and store them securely in Stripe. When the work is completed and you have agreed the final costs then the payment will be taken from your account.

What happens if the work cannot be completed in one visit?

If the tradeswoman needs to make a second visit in order to complete the work, such as for a repair job where parts might need to be ordered following an investigation, then she’ll discuss this with you and any further cost implications.

What if the job takes more/less time than the estimated time quoted?

Estimates given on TaskHer are based on data from a panel of experienced tradeswomen and previous booking times/costs. There can be unforeseen reasons that mean a job takes longer than forecast. In these circumstances the tradeswoman will discuss with you the options and cost implications, after which you have the opportunity to stop the work if needed. 

Should the work take less time than estimated then the price will be reduced accordingly.

What happens if I’m not happy with the work?

In the unlikely event you’re dissatisfied with the work carried out by the tradeswomen you have the legal right to ask us to repeat or fix it if it's not been carried out with reasonable care and skill or get some money back if we can't fix it.

Our customer service team will support this and it could mean the tradeswoman returns to improve the work or we find another tradeswoman to make the necessary adjustments. More information can be found in our Customer Complaints Policy.