Can I still use TaskHer if I’m not female?

Yes of course - if you’re looking for a skilled tradeswoman to help you with domestic work then you can use TaskHer.

What trades do TaskHer offer?

Currently we offer Electricians, Plumbers and Heating & Gas Engineers. We are starting off small, and as we grow so will the types of trades we will be able to offer!

Where do you cover?

We are launching in London and some surrounding areas to start with. Want to find out when we will be in your area? Head to our sign up form and leave your details - you'll be the first to know.

How do I know the tradeswoman who is coming to my home is qualified?

When we onboard any tradeswoman onto the TaskHer platform we fully verify them. This includes:
- Proof of ID
- Proof of certification for their specific trade
- Proof of insurance
- A minimum of three recent reviews of their work
- A video call interview

What if the tradeswoman needs to come back to finish the job?

The tradeswoman will discuss this with you and arrange a date and time for them to return.

What if I need parts?

Your TaskHer tradeswoman will be in touch with you before the job if they need to discuss parts. In most cases where they are needed the tradeswomen will source parts for you and add the costs to the booking with your approval.

What if the job takes more/less time than the estimated time quoted?  

We work with a panel of expert tradeswomen to estimate times and costs for jobs, but from time to time there will be circumstances outside of our control that mean the price given will rise.
In these instances your tradeswoman will talk through the issues that are causing the work to take longer and discuss the likely additional costs. You then have the opportunity to proceed with the work or stop and not incur any additional costs.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

You can re-arrange your appointment at any point prior to your appointment without any charge.

You can cancel your Website Booking without charge at any time up to 24 (twenty four) hours before the appointment is due to start. You can cancel your booking via the button on your dashboard, or by contacting TaskHer on support@taskher.co.uk.

If the appointment is cancelled after that or if you fail to attend your appointment, you will be charged for any Materials ordered, expenses or time incurred in anticipation of your appointment.

How do I pay the tradeswoman?

During the booking process we’ll take your card details using Stripe, our secure payment provider. Once the job has been completed by your TaskHer tradeswoman and you’re happy with the work, the payment will be automatically taken from your account.

What if the tradeswoman does a bad job?

Once the job has been finished you have 5 days before the payment is taken. In the unlikely event that you feel the work done was below standard, or there were other issues, then you can contact us to pause the payment being taken and we’ll thoroughly investigate the issues you have raised.

What do I do if no tradeswomen accept my job?

We monitor all bookings to ensure they are picked up by tradeswomen. If one goes unselected for too long we’ll be in touch to discuss alternative dates.

Do you offer emergency call outs or same day service?

We currently don’t offer emergency call outs or a same day service.

Do I have to pay to use TaskHer?

No, TaskHer is free to use.

Why can’t I get a TaskHer tradeswoman to my area?

We don’t yet cover the whole of the UK, head to our sign up form on our homepage and we’ll let you know when we launch in your area.

Why can’t I pick the tradeswoman I want?

Our current business model is designed to make booking a quick and simple process giving you access to highly skilled tradeswomen who are able to commit to your chosen time and date. To ensure a high level of service we heavily verify all tradeswomen signing up to TaskHer, which means whoever you get will have the qualifications and experience needed to carry out the work.

There are other trades websites, why should I use TaskHer?

Good question. We are the only online tradeswomen booking platform that is purpose-driven, empowers homeowners to make conscious choices and that gets the job done.

We are passionate about showcasing the 35,000+ women in trades in the UK, and doing our bit to tackle the issue of gender inequality in the trades.

We are equally as passionate about making the process of booking a tradeswomen the best experience possible! Our booking platform has been developed to make your journey as seamless as possible, allowing you to book your tradeswomen with ease and get the job done.