How TaskHer Works

You want a great, easy experience? We guarantee it.

Our booking platform connects you quickly and simply to tradeswomen with the expertise you need. Everyone on our platform is verified, so we know they’re highly qualified and expert, ready to do fantastic work – no drama.

Simply select the trade you need in our service finder and let us know where you live so we can send your booking out to a tradeswoman in your area.

Answer some quick questions about the job you need doing, pick a date and time that works for you, review the immediate quote and confirm your booking!

Islington Town Houses
By booking with TaskHer you're
supporting tradeswomen blazing a trail
in a male dominated industry!

Job Done

Once you confirm your booking, we hold your payment details securely and no payment is taken until after the work is completed. You have the extra security of knowing that if you experience any issues, our customer service team will help.

Once your booking is confirmed you can start a conversation with your tradeswoman using the messaging feature in your account to discuss the finer details of your job. 

When the work is complete and you’re happy, TaskHer will complete the payment process and direct the funds to your tradeswoman.

Book tradeswomen with ease on TaskHer today and help normalise and champion women in skilled manual trades.

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