Pricing, Parts & Cancellation


We strive to provide a reliable, professional and efficient service to our Key notes on our prices:

- No payment will be taken from you until the work is completed.

- If the work isn’t completed to your satisfaction then no payment will be taken until this has been investigated.

- All pricing is inclusive of VAT, travel, call out and set up .

- Pricing excludes parts.

Price estimates

Price estimates

All prices quoted on TaskHer are estimates. We estimate prices based upon research in collaboration with our panel of expert tradeswomen to ensure the estimates are as accurate as possible.

TaskHer sets the hourly rate for each trade:

- Electrician: £95+VAT p/h

- Plumber: £95+VAT p/h

- Heating & Gas Engineer: £100+VAT p/h

Your booking estimate is based on: Trade Rate x Average Length of Job

The estimated average length of time for a job is taken from thousands of completed jobs of the same kind. If the job takes a longer time to complete than average (or a shorter time!), then your tradeswoman will let you know and adjust the cost which will reflect in your dashboard, and subsequent payment.

We choose to work this way to stop tradeswomen from undercharging themselves, and ensure a fair rate of pay for all qualified and experienced tradeswomen who work with TaskHer.

If there is further work needed

- Our estimates are based on your property being in good condition to allow the work to be carried out without delay.

- Should there be an issue that requires remedial works in order for the estimated job to be completed, or if further work is required, then this will be discussed with you.

- Should you not wish to proceed with the additional work and the original work cannot take place then you will be charged for 1 hour of labour at the set rate.

Inclusions & exclusions

- Your estimated price includes labour, travel costs, set up costs and VAT.

- The price excludes the costs of any parts needed.

- If you are unable to provide free parking or permits then you may be charged an additional cost for parking charges incurred in order to carry out the work on your property.


- During the booking process your payment details will be taken using Stripe.

- No payment will be taken until the work has been completed.

- Once the work has been completed you’ll receive a breakdown of the final charges and once approved the payment will be taken from your card.

- If you dispute any of the charges or feel the work has not been completed satisfactorily then we will hold off taking payment until this has been investigated.

What if I need parts?

Your TaskHer tradeswoman will be in touch with you before the job if they need to discuss parts. In most cases where they are needed the tradeswomen will source parts for you and add the costs to the booking with your approval.

Provision of parts

- Once your booking has been confirmed you will be assigned a tradeswoman who will be in touch with you to discuss any parts that may be required to complete the job.

- If you are supplying your own parts your tradeswoman will check what you have is correct and advise if anything else needs to be supplied.

- Should you wish for the tradeswoman to supply parts then they will be able to provide quotes for parts needed. TaskHer Ltd will facilitate the transaction between you and the tradeswoman, meaning you’ll be able to pay for any parts as part of your wider booking.

- Bookings cancelled within 72 hours of the start time may incur charges if the tradeswoman has been required to do any preparation work such as purchasing parts.


- Should you wish to cancel your booking once made, you are able to do via your dashboard.

- Bookings cancelled within 72 hours of the start time may incur charges if the tradeswoman has been required to do any preparation work such as purchasing parts.