TasHer X Solace

June 26, 2022

TasHer X Solace

TaskHer and Solace Women's Aid Partner for Change

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Solace Women's Aid. This collaboration will see TaskHer donating £10 from every booking generated by a referral from an existing customer to Solace to enable them to book tradeswomen for the essential maintenance of their London refuges.

Solace Women's Aid has been a leading organisation in providing support, advocacy, and resources to survivors of domestic abuse for over four decades. Their range of services includes safe housing, counselling, legal advice, and ongoing assistance.

Our partnership with Solace Women's Aid is a natural extension of our mission to empower individuals and support communities. TaskHer is in a valuable position to be able to support women who are working towards a safe and strong life, and we are very grateful to be able to help. 

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