Customer Complaints Policy

How to complaint?

We strive to provide a reliable, professional and efficient service to our customers. On the rare occasions where we fall short, we welcome your feedback so we can take steps to rectify issues and learn what we could do better.

Please contact our Customer Services Team at in the first instance including as much information as possible about your concern.

Please attach any communication you have had with your allocated tradeswoman, pictures of work carried out, if relevant and your thoughts as to how you would like us to resolve your complaint.

What action will be taken?

We endeavour to acknowledge your correspondence as soon as possible but within two working days.

If we require further information from you before investigating your complaint, we will ask for this in writing.

We want to ensure that we resolve complaints or concerns promptly to avoid delay to your repair/installation being completed. We may, however, need to discuss your concerns with the relevant tradeswoman or gather further information so please allow time for this.

Resolve your complaints

Once we have discussed the complaint with the tradeswomen concerned, we will respond to you with our findings and options for resolution with the aim of swiftly reaching a mutually agreeable solution.

Whilst we will endeavour to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, there may be circumstances outside of our control, for example, availability of parts that may lead to a delay.

We aim to keep you updated and informed throughout the process. You may also find further information in our Terms and Conditions or in our FAQs that may be of assistance.


Gas Leak: Call 0800 111 999

Fire: Call 999

Flood: Call 0345 988 1188