Give £15 + Get £15

Like the sound of a win-win-win? Help your friends, help yourself and help make the world a little bit fairer.

Here’s how it works:

1. When you  book a job through TaskHer,  we’ll send you your unique referral link to share with your friends.

2. You recommend TaskHer to your friends and send them your link to book.

3. When they book their first job on our site using your referral link they’ll get £15 off.

4. Each time a friend books using your link you’ll get £15 credit that you can use to reduce the cost of your next TaskHer job - you’ll see all your credits on your TaskHer dashboard.

Thanks for supporting TaskHer!

“We are so grateful to our loyal customers and true believers in giving tradeswomen a fair break!

Spread the word through our Fix Up a Friend programme - and also get some money off for your friends' next jobs as well as your own.

At TaskHer we want to see more tradeswomen getting a fair deal. Plumbing, electrics, heating and gas are all areas where word-of-mouth recommendations for good service are really important.

We’ve fixed the online booking process for customers by making it super easy to get immediate quotes and convenient visit times. Now we want to fix the inequalities in the trade industry – giving female tradespeople a fair deal and equal opportunities.”

Anna Moynihan, TaskHer co-founder